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About me and Neobite Games
head of Thomas Neu
About me:

About Neobite Games:
Hey there, I'm Thomas, the founder of Neobite Games! :)
I have studied cultural sciences and I have always felt a passion for creativity and acted it out the one or the other way. Another passion of mine is board and card gaming, so I thought, why not bring those two together?! See what happened then by taking a look at Space Pioneers.
By the way, I live in the western part of Germany, in a town called Münster. If you live in this area as well or if you ever visit it, feel free to contact me and we might meet to play a board game and have some tea or coffee. :)

This is a brand that stands for creativity, card and board games and a responsible way in matters of the production. The game parts are at least from sustainable forestry and I try to avoid the use of plastic parts whenever it is possible. Additionally, all pieces are produced nearby to prevent long hauls. In the dimensions of a universe like the one in Space Pioneers, China might be near but ... ehhh ... no, it is not. ;)

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